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Its nice if the office did ...Review From Modern Messagesubmitted by Jame*@*.Edu - |Recommended: YesIts nice if the office did their jobs and got stuff done. The rent is fine but been living here for years so i'd like for it to go down. Parking is a joke. And the valet trash is a add-on that I wish was optional
I love living here. The poo...Review From Modern Messagesubmitted by Quarmia D. - |Recommended: YesI love living here. The pool is right next to the office, the dog park is right across the street, and the places that I like to go is close by.
Living at The Hendrix has b...Review From Modern Messagesubmitted by Charles R. - |Recommended: YesLiving at The Hendrix has been enjoyable, for the most part. There have been SEVERAL management changes in the 2 years we've lived here, and that means that maintenance requests get lost overlooked more often than we like. And between that, and the fact that these buildings were built in the 70s, means that some things left undone are quite inconvenient i.e. flooring cracking sinking, carpet tack strip nails exposed, windows need to be replaced . Otherwise, we do enjoy living here. It's a nice location - close to a LOT of stores, entertainment options - and the cost is manageable for Austin living.
Ive been here for two years...Review From Modern Messagesubmitted by Martin C. - |Recommended: YesIve been here for two years and I totally love being here. They do so much for there residents. You will love living here to. Especially when they fix the pool. Right now it’s green
This place has a good commu...Review From Modern Messagesubmitted by Edgar R. - |Recommended: YesThis place has a good community. The parking arrangements are great we always find a place to park. The people their a great with noise, they are not to loud.
Haven't been here long, but...Review From Modern Messagesubmitted by Kevin P. - |Recommended: YesHaven't been here long, but love it so far. Great price, friendly, helpful staff. Very spacious rooms, nice looking exterior and great location.
I like the apartments becau...Review From Modern Messagesubmitted by Anesha K. - |Recommended: YesI like the apartments because of the space but the maintenance is vey poor. I have a huge hole through my patio floor board and my kids almost fell through a couple times. I have submitted work orders but nothing has been done.
I like most of my neighbors...Review From Modern Messagesubmitted by Heather D. - |Recommended: YesI like most of my neighbors. They are friendly and polite. I like my apartment. I love in one of the new buildings and it feels like home. I like the location. Lots.of fun stuff close by.
Feels like a dangerous area...Review From Modern Messagesubmitted by Ruwayah H. - |Recommended: YesFeels like a dangerous area. There's a lot in the news about this area. There were multiple shootings in two years. They are unrelated but it's still enough to make you worried for people.
So far it’s been a wonderfu...Review From Modern Messagesubmitted by Deena W. - |Recommended: YesSo far it’s been a wonderful 3 weeks but wish we didn’t have to constantly be on top of maintenance when it comes to things that need to get fixed
Honestly, it has not been t...Review From Modern Messagesubmitted by James C. - |Recommended: YesHonestly, it has not been the easiest things so far. The apartment was in pretty bad repair when I moved in. The parking seems like reserve a spot or don't get one at all
I dig it here not gonna lie...Review From Modern Messagesubmitted by Reagan R. - |Recommended: YesI dig it here not gonna lie it’s a pretty chill place to live especially for my first apartment to own coming right out of highschool living with my parents
Have been staying here for ...Review From Modern Messagesubmitted by Jose R. - |Recommended: YesHave been staying here for a Month now, so far everything has been good If you aren’t so picky, this place is great with its pricing. Would be 5 starts if the apartments got cleaned and maintained by maintenance before having someone moved in.
My first lease is almost co...Review From Modern Messagesubmitted by Craig R. - |Recommended: YesMy first lease is almost complete. This complex has been through 3 other companies before the current one has started to run the complex. I have had a number of things occur for me, from the backstairs area being vandalized to my air conditioner needing a full week of work to get completely fixed. But the experience has been solid. Quiet living for the most part, and the rent is good given other pricing in the area. I wish I had a key for my backdoor entrance door the 309 door entry currently with no lock on the 2nd floor of building 3 so I could use that entrance more. Third floor living is tough on the knees some days so an indoor stairwell access would be great. Laundry room is hit or miss and seems to be constantly the place where people go to mess stuff up. I do appreciate the machines in my building to use - it is a great help to me and another reason I want the 309 entrance key because that door is right above the laundry room itself. So tl dr - Good overall experience for me. Some areas could use work, and bored hands cause vandalism where it is not wanted. But I am happy here. I want the access to my apartment back stairs door aka 309 door key so I can use both entrances that I have. Thank you.
Apartment wasn’t so ready w...Review From Modern Messagesubmitted by Gloria C. - |Recommended: YesApartment wasn’t so ready when I moved in. However the staff has been working very hard to get the apartment up to date with all the fixing and I requested new carpet. Staff was very aware of how I needed new carpet after I moved in and moved very quickly to have it replaced.